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DHL’s Special Campaigns and Promotions

DHL not only provides you with efficient and reliable express service but offers you various promotional programs. The more you ship, the more chances you have of earning attractive rewards.

DHL Store opening discount


• The Promotion “opening discount” (“Promotion”) is carried out by DHL Express Mexico, S.A. de C.V. (“DHL”) due to the opening of new stores.
• The Discount shall only apply in the DHL stores (“Service Points”) mentioned below.

Service Points and validity are described below (“Validity”)

Participating SVPValidity
CUN - NICHUPTEDel 01/03/2018 al 01/06/2018
ECT - SORIANA SERVIPLAZADel 05/03/2018 al 05/06/2018
HMX - RIO CONSULADODel 07/03/2018 al 07/06/2018
IMX - CHURUBUSCO / BRAMADERODel 14/03/2018 al 14/06/2018
OMX - SAN FERNANDODel 04/04/2018 al 04/07/2018
HMO - MORELOSDel 16/04/2018 al 16/07/2018
PBC - BUGAMBILIASDel 16/04/2018 al 16/07/2018
MLM - SAHUAYODel 23/04/2018 al 23/07/2018
OAX - OAXACA CENTRODel 24/04/2018 al 24/07/2018
JMX - NICOLAS ROMERODel 30/04/2018 al 30/07/2018
LEN - AZTECADel 03/05/2018 al 03/08/2018
TIJ - ALTABRISADel 04/05/2018 al 04/08/2018
MTY- OBISPADODel 10/05/2018 al 10/08/2018

The participating products are the following (“Participating DHL Products”):
• International: Express Worldwide doc (D) and Express Worldwide nondoc (P)
• Domestic: Domestic Express (N)

• For the Client to obtain a benefit from Discount, it shall appear to a Service Point during the Promotion’s Validity.
• The discount shall only apply to Participating DHL Products paid in CASH, regardless of the form of payment (cash or debit/credit card).
• Shipments may not surpass 50kg weight (actual or volume).
• The discount percentage is 20% over shipment freight.

• DHL reserves the right to its sole discretion to cancel, rescind, modify, or stop the Discount, due to an act of god or force majeure.
• The discount shall not apply for DHL clients having credit (Account Clients).
• This promotion only applies for shipment freight, it is non-cumulative with other discounts or promotions therefore it does not apply for additional charges, insurance, packaging, etc.
• Promotion applicable for domestic and international shipments paid in cash, credit and/or debit card in the participating DHL store.
• The discount applies per shipment, therefore no discount limit per Client.
• DHL Express Mexico, S.A. de C.V. employees using the employee discount upon payment of shipment may not participate.
• Promotion applicable at domestic level in participating stores (See participating stores at Link

For additional information about the location of the participating stores, questions, clarifications, and comments about the promotion, please call 01800 765 6345.